SAIACS Seminars

SAIACS Seminars

SAIACS Seminars are organised regularly to benefit the community in and around Bangalore, including SAIACS alumni, with the wealth of experience and expertise of visiting teachers and eminent guests. As and when seminars are announced, details will be made available at

SAIACS Academic Consultation

The SAIACS Academic Consultation is hosted biennially to stimulate, encourage, and provide directions for academic and constructive thinking in South Asia. The Consultation provides a platform for addressing critical, pertinent issues that have arisen in the changing context of India.

National and international scholars in the relevant field (whether academician or practitioner) are invited to present research papers during the Consultation sessions, which are followed by open discussion. The Consultation is enriched by a wide representation of specialists from different countries and denominations.

The outcome of the Consultation is a compendium of the edited papers, published by SAIACS Press. Books from past Consultations may be purchased via SAIACS Press and Amazon.