Master of Arts in Theology, MA (Th)

Students enrolling at SAIACS have the option to register with the University of Mysore and earn the award Master of Arts in Theology, MA (Th). The course content and workload are identical to the MA (TS) programme and the additional component will be the semester exams conducted by the University of Mysore. The option to register for MA (Th) can be exercised soon after admission to SAIACS.

  • Entry Requirements

    • A university bachelor’s degree, second class (minimum 50%; B average) or equivalent, or
    • BTh Degree, with at least second class (minimum 50%; B average) or equivalent, awarded by seminaries, theological institutions and institutes of advanced Christian religious studies in India and abroad recognized by the Asia Theological Association, the Senate of Serampore College and Pontifical Institutes, major seminaries and theological institutes under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI)/Conference of Catholic Bishops in India (CCBI), and theological institutions accredited by accrediting agencies recognized by International Council of Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE).
    • An applicant whose degree is not included above may apply through the Academic Dean for equivalence granted by the University of Mysore (UOM).

  • Period of Study

    MA (Th) is a two-year, full-time residential programme.

  • Credits

    As shown below, the programme is worth 76 credits.

    MA (Th) – UoM
    Regular Modules 70 credits
    Major Paper: A Theological Issue from the Context 6 credits
    Exams following each Semester
    Required Credits for Graduation 76 credits
    Spiritual Formation 1 3 credits
    Spiritual Formation 2 3 credits
    Ministry Practicum 1 6 credits

  • Completion Requirements

    • SAIACS requires all MA (Th) students to take courses offered for MA (TS).
    • For credits earned over the beyond the requirements of UoM, the student will be awarded an Add-On Certificate besides the MA (Th) degree.

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