Master of Arts in Theological Studies, MA (TS)

The MA (TS) programme is meant to equip university graduates with a broad knowledge of the various theological disciplines and with skills for church life and ministry and is accredited by the Asia Theological Association. The MA programme is delivered through four departments: Biblical Studies, Theology, Practical Theology, Intercultural and Religious Studies.

Learning is enhanced when it occurs in the context of reflective practice. MA students at SAIACS will experience supervised ministry practice during their study. All MA students will work weekly with a placement church or organisation, 5hrs/ week, over the period July to February, and for four weeks over the summer break. These placements will be arranged in liaison with and to the approval of the Academic Administrator.  There will be assignments which will help a student reflect on the ministry

  • Entry Requirements

    • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or BTh with a minimum B grade average or equivalent.
    • A BTh degree holder with minimum A- grade average from an accredited institute may apply for lateral entry; that is, to join MA (TS) second year and graduate with a MA (TS) in one year, after the completion of nine modules, and Spiritual Formation and Ministry Formation requirements.
    • Applicants whose BTh is from a non-ATA college but have a minimum B grade average and applicants from ATA colleges with a minimum B- grade average should write the Qualifying Examinations conducted by SAIACS. These are conducted prior to the Entrance Examinations.
    • The credits and courses of BTh applicants from non-ATA colleges will be reviewed.

  • Special Admission to MA

    Exemption from the normal entry requirements may be granted by the Admissions Committee in the case of applicants who have significant experience in Christian ministry, and come with a very high written recommendation from their sending organisation or church, and who are proficient in English. Special admission in any year is limited to 10% of the MA (TS) student intake.

  • Period of Study

    MA (TS) is a two-year full-time residential programme. In exceptional circumstances, permission may be granted for an extension up to three years, with extension fee.

  • Credits

    As shown below, the programme is worth 69 credits.

    Regular Modules 54
    Spiritual Formation 1 and 2 6
    Ministry Formation 1 and 2 6
    Ministry Practicum 1 3
    Required Credits for Graduation 69

  • Completion Requirements

    • The student must earn 69 credits by completing modules and satisfying the requirements for Spiritual Formation, Ministry Formation and Ministry Practicum.
    • Should the performance of the student not be satisfactory, the student may be asked to graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Theological Studies at the end of the first year.

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