Doctor of Ministry (Online Hybrid), DMin

The DMin programme (online hybrid) enables Christian leaders to upgrade their theological education with a doctoral programme (3 years) in multiple disciplines without disrupting their ongoing work and ministry responsibilities.

The 3-year DMin programme is accredited by Asia Theological Association (ATA), specialising in multiple streams. It is built on a hybrid learning mode, combining the benefits of online real-time (or synchronous) learning, non-synchronous learning, and residential components. As a result, students are not only exposed to information based on pre-defined courses but also have opportunities to choose context-specific courses in diverse disciplines. In addition, students are required to write a research thesis/project based on a research problem they have identified in the field, reflect and research the best practices of their ministry, or document the history of their organisation.

  • Entry Requirements

    • MDiv, BD, MTh, or equivalent from a recognised institution, and passed with at least II Class (B+) or equivalent.
    • A minimum of 5 years of experience in Christian ministry.
    • Letter affirming that their organisation supports their study and will provide the necessary support to the candidate to work on and complete their thesis project.
    • Completion of SAIACS application requirements, examinations and interview.

  • Period of Study

    The study period is three years, but the candidate is allowed an extension up to 5 years with a fee for extension. However, if the student takes more than five years, the registration expires, and the student has to re-register for the programme.

  • Credits

    • The curriculum comprises 45 credits, which include ten modules of 3 credits each, and a thesis writing project and subsequent defence (equivalent to 5 modules and 15 credits).
    1 Core Courses 3 9
    2 Specialisation
    (Inter-cultural Studies/ History/ Leadership/ Pastoral Studies)
    3 9
    3 Electives 2 6
    4 Practicum 1 3
    5  Thesis Proposal 1 3
    6 Thesis Research/Writing/
    5 15
      TOTAL 15 45
    • Each module has three credits and will be eight weeks long, incorporating Zoom sessions (synchronous) and Moodle based learning (asynchronous). Each credit requires 2000 minutes of learning, meaning a three-credit module will need 6000 minutes, that is,
      100- 120 learning hours.
    • The thesis writing begins in the second year. The DMin thesis must be 35000 to 40000 words long with 1.5-line spacing (excluding appendices). The thesis project will constitute 15 credits. Students will be regularly in touch with their thesis supervisor, and the supervisor will provide quarterly progress reports to the Academic Dean during the writing process.

  • Completion Requirements

    The programme requires the completion of all the modules, along with the thesis. Therefore, to obtain candidacy, that is, permission to continue and write a thesis, students need an average of at least B+ in the nine modules studied during the course-work and must clear the stage of thesis proposal development and defence.


  • JANUARY (last date for applying, November 31)
  • JUNE (last date for applying, March 31)

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