Post Graduation Diploma in Biblical Languages, PGDip (BL)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Biblical Languages is a specialized programme intended to prepare candidates for the Master of Theology (MTh) programme in the Department of Biblical Studies. This curriculum is designed for individuals originating from institutions accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and other esteemed academic establishments. Its purpose is to augment the scholarly acumen of those dedicated to rigorous study in biblical languages. This Diploma serves as an essential foundation for candidates who seek enrolment in departments necessitating proficiency in biblical languages.

This course is accredited by the Asia Theological Association and its curriculum is designed with a vision to mould scholars, ensuring they are aptly qualified for advanced theological endeavours, with a high proficiency in Biblical languages.


    • Applicants from ATA and non-ATA institutions are required to have achieved a minimum grade average of B+.
    • Applicants with a B or B- in their Bachelor of Divinity (BD) or Master of Divinity (MDiv) must undergo Qualifying examinations administered by SAIACS.
    • The BD/MDiv curriculum, including credit hours and course details, will be subject to an intensive review process.

  • Period of Study

    The Post Graduate Diploma spans a period of one academic year and is construed as the second year of the Integrated MTh trajectory.


    Upon successfully fulfilling the programme requirements of 30 credits, candidates will be conferred with a Post Graduate Diploma. However, it is crucial to emphasize that, while this Diploma acknowledges the completion of a course of study, the credits acquired during its pursuit are non-transferable to the Master of Theology (MTh) programme.


  • Completion Requirements

    To seamlessly transition to the MTh curriculum, post the completion of the P.G. Diploma, students must attain an average grade of ‘B+’ or higher, categorized under the second-class bracket.

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