Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity programme enables university graduates to obtain comprehensive theological knowledge, gain ministry skills, and specialize in a chosen discipline. Thus, the degree both prepares students for Christian ministry and qualifies them to teach at graduate (BTh) level. An MDiv fulfils the entry requirements of the Asia Theological Association for MTh.

MDiv is delivered through four departments: Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Practical Theology, Intercultural and Religious Studies. These departments will offer specializations, but not all specializations may be on offer each year.

  • Entry Requirements

    The entry requirements are as for the MA.

  • Period of Study

    MDiv is a three-year full-time residential programme.

  • Credits

    Year 1
    and 2
    Same as MA + Ministry
    Practicum 2
    Year 3 9 modules
    (3 credits each)
    Spiritual Formation 3 03
    Ministry Formation 3 03


  • Completion Requirements

    • Year 1 and 2 offer foundational modules from across the departments similar to Year 1 and 2 of MA (TS).
    • In Year 3 the modules will be offered from across the four departments, namely, Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Christian Theology and, Intercultural and Religious Studies if the student registers for MDiv (General). Alternatively, the student may choose one of the four departments and follow the Year 2 of the Integrated MTh, making this a specialized MDiv in the chosen discipline.
    • In addition to meeting all the requirements of the MA (TS) programme, the student will take Ministry Practicum 2 (end of MDiv Year 2); Spiritual Formation 3 (MDiv Year 3) and Ministry Formation 3 (MDiv Year 3).
    • The student must earn 105 credits which include the formation and practicum modules

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