Master Of Arts in Worship and Music, MA (WM)

The Master of Arts in Worship and Music program is designed for any graduate passionate to serve the church as a worship leader or a church musician. This is designed as a residential program. Students who are enrolled in the program will get to study several foundational theological courses and some foundational music courses. There is no prior musical training is required to enroll in the program. Every student will major in one area of applied studies like Piano, Guitar, or Voice, and also another instrument or voice as a minor. Students will have the opportunity to study both Western and Indian music in a very systematic way. SAIACS’ MA in worship and Music program is one of its kind where students will get the opportunity to study theology and music at the same time.

SAIACS is an approved exam center of The Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), London. Students will have the opportunity to enroll for theory and practical music grade examinations on campus.

Students also will have the opportunity to practice what they learn in the context of a worshiping community. Every student will have the opportunity to worship with a church or organization using their talents as musicians. They also will have four weeks of practical ministry placement during the summers. Our vision is to train the theologically trained and musically skilled worship leaders for the church.

  • Entry Requirements

    • Applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or BTh with a minimum B grade average or equivalent.
    • Applicants with an MA or MDiv can apply for a lateral entry provided that the candidates must have some prior experience in the applied major area of their choice and clear the required entry-level evaluation. If candidates fail to clear the evaluation, intensive modules will be taught in the April May months to assist students to complete the requirements.

  • Period of Study

    MA in worship and Music is a two-year full-time program.

  • Credits

    Regular Modules 54
    Spiritual Formation 1 and 2 6
    Ministry Formation 1 and 2 6
    Ministry Practicum 1 3
    Required Credits for Graduation 69

    For credits earned over and beyond the requirements of MA (WM), the student will be awarded an Add-on Certificate besides the degree.

  • Completion Requirements

    • All students are required to do a Recital in their applied area.
    • Students must complete all the required credit hours during the stipulated time.

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