Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

This programme is intended for people who are engaged in part or full-time vocational Christian ministry and exhibit Christian leadership skills. Students maintain their ministry involvement and work while pursuing this In-Ministry programme. As such, it is non-residential. DMin is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church and para-church ministries, world missions, and applied training, but it is terminal, and does not lead to PhD. The programme is accredited by the Asia Theological Association.

Entry Requirements

  • A three-year MA (TS) (Advanced), or MDiv, BD, MTh, or the equivalent from a recognized institution, done in residence with a minimum B+ grade average (55%) or equivalent from a college accredited by the Asia Theological Association.
  • A pass in the introductory level of a biblical language.
  • At least five years of full time ministry experience after BD/ MDiv or equivalent.
  • Completion of SAIACS application requirements, interview and examinations.
  • A letter affirming that their organization supports their study, will decrease their workload during the study, and allow the candidate time to work on their thesis project.
  • The capacity for self-motivation and independent study.
  • The discipline of working within set timeframes.
  • If the applicant has Master of Arts in theological studies or BD along with significant ministry experience, the applicant may gain MDiv equivalency (30 credits) through the following bridge:
  • Ministry Experience: 15 credits: a minimum of 10 years of ministry experience following the last degree; a 20-page reflection paper on past ministry.
  • 3 Qualifying Exams at the MDiv level: 6 credits
  • Three select courses taken online or otherwise at the MDiv level: 9 credits
  • Significant publication: 3 credits, which can replace one module (above)

Period of Study

Normally DMin takes 3 years, but the candidate is allowed up to 5 years with extension fees. If a student takes beyond these 5 years, the registration expires and the student has to re-register for the course. 

Completion Requirements

  • The programme requires completion of 9 modules. The first and the last modules are in research methods and are delivered in the classroom. The intermediate 7 are delivered online.
  • To obtain candidacy, that is, permission to continue and write a thesis, students need an average of at least B+ in the 9 modules, and pass in the defence of a Thesis Proposal.
  • The thesis writing begins in Year 3. It includes up to a month of residence and should be completed by the end of Year 3. However, students may take up to the end of Year 5.
  • The DMin Thesis must be 35,000 to 40,000 words in length.