“We believe that lifelong relationships between students, faculty and staff develop at SAIACS. Our mission, as the Alumni Department is to transform these relationships from bonds of friendship to enduring partnerships that will take SAIACS from good to great.”

Johnson Jagannadham

The History  

The first formal Alumni Association meeting was held on 5th March 1994.   A fresh impetus was given in 1997 when over 40 alumni participated and a revitalized Alumni Association was in place with Dr. Chris Gnanakan as its President,  Pastor C Sekar the  Secretary and Mr. Johnson Jagannadham as its Treasurer.  Over the years various programmes have been conducted to fulfill the purpose of the Association.   The purpose of the Alumni Association is

  • To facilitate on-going fellowship of alumni
  • To encourage alumni in their ministries
  • To help with continuing education of alumni
  • To support SAIACS through prayer and giving

Building Alumni Relations

The ADCOM team visited Shillong, Guwahati, Kottayam, Coimbatore, Chennai and Siliguri and conducted Alumni meetings to establish local chapters.  The local chapters fulfill the purpose of the Alumni Association at the regional level.  It helps the alumni to meet regularly, build relationships and receive training when SAIACS faculty visit these regions

Alumni Benefit Fund

During the SAIACS Alumni Global Meeting held on 10-12 September, 2012 a decision was taken to set up the Alumni Benefit Fund (ABF).  This was to enable the alumni to enjoy various benefits by becoming a member of ABF by paying `1500-00 as one time contribution.   Alumni are eligible for discounts for use of CEO Centre, Chapel, Guesthouse and Class rooms.  They can also use the library and attend certain SAIACS Seminars free of charge.  Special discounts are available for SAIACS Training programs, consultations and merchandise

Alumni Impacting Ministries in the Making Fund (AIMM Fund)

The purpose of this fund is to extend support to the most deserving of students and also provide opportunities for Alumni to partner with SAIACS through regular and systematic giving.    An alumnus is encouraged to make a commitment to a contribute `100/- a month or `1000/- a year or any amount regularly every year. It’s not the amount that matters but partnership.  The collective support of the alumni will impact the lives of deserving students at SAIACS as they prepare for their future ministry

Alumni and ministry opportunities for students

Alumni   play an important role in helping graduating students to identify and move in to their area of calling.  Alumni ministering in churches, bible colleges, mission organisation and NGOs come to SAIACS and make presentations regarding the ministry opportunities or send information of their requirements which is of great help to our graduating students. 

Alumni of the Year Award

This Award is given annually to a SAIACS graduate who is recognized and nominated by the Alumni of SAIACS for their exceptional faithfulness and achievement in Christian ministry and witness.

The criteria for choosing the Alumnus of the year is that the

  • The person must have been an Alumnus for at least ten years from the date of graduation.
  • The person must have been faithful and having made an outstanding achievement in their respective field of service
  • The person also must be someone who champions the cause of SAIACS by supporting its ministry and referring people to partner with SAIACS

This candidate is elected by the Alumni themselves through a procedure put in place for this purpose.  The First Alumnus of the Year Award was awarded to Late Raja Mohan Doss (posthumously).  Since 1999 fifteen have received this award till now.

How to make a difference?

You can make a huge difference to the ministry of SAIACS by taking active part in the Alumni Association.  Make it a point to take part in the local chapter meetings, send in stories and updates of your ministry, contribute regularly to the AIMM Fund, place your advertisement and wishes in the Year Book, refer prospective students to SAIACS and encourage your friends to partner with SAIACS.