From the Principal

Excellence for mission. SAIACS is all about excellence for mission. If you want to become excellent, read on. Being trained at SAIACS will mean hard work to understand and faithfully apply God’s Word; it will mean growing more confident as a follower of Jesus and as a South Asian in God’s mission. It will take personal sacrifices. It will mean interacting with exceptionally gifted teachers. Excellence does not come without these things. Are you ready to be stretched?

SAIACS upholds the uniqueness of Jesus as the Saviour of the world; it upholds the authority of the Bible, and the challenge of faithful and contextually-sensitive witness. SAIACS is distinctive. You’ll get a no-compromise experience that helps you balance academic scholarship and Christian spirituality.

At SAIACS, we live to learn and learn to love – to love God with all our hearts, minds and strength, love our neighbours as ourselves, and care for our nation and environment. Our aim is a vibrant community with no discrimination in gender, social class, race, colour or culture. It might be counter-cultural, but students, faculty, staff, and gardeners eat lunch together. Belonging in a cell group means you will have great opportunities for fellowship, prayer and recreation. Daily worship together is a priority for all in our community.

We’re grateful we can say that you’ll have superbly-qualified teachers and visiting faculty. Some of them are world-renowned in their specialty. Right from the beginning SAIACS focused on missiology and the mission of God remains central. Our vision is that SAIACS will grow from good to great.

Do you want to become what God intends for you? Serving in college, church, mission or marketplace may be where God is calling you. Whatever your destination, SAIACS offers cutting-edge training to suit and challenge you. Our MA degrees build in context-based learning to complement classroom studies. At every level of our degree programs you may choose a government university-recognized option. Even if you can’t come to the campus, SAIACS now offers three on-line study options for the eager learner.

Are you satisfied with who you are? If you want to grow in excellence, choose SAIACS to study for God’s sake and his mission. Your vision and your character will have to change. Are you up for it? May the Lord guide you as you seek to shape your vision according to God’s vision and shape your character according to God’s character!

Dr Ian Payne
Principal / Educational Consultant