Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is intended for people who are engaged in part or full-time vocational Christian ministry and exhibit Christian leadership skills. Students maintain their ministry involvement and work while pursuing this In-Ministry degree. DMin is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church and para-church ministries, world missions, and applied training, but it does not lead to PhD. The program is accredited by the Asia Theological Association.

Normally DMin takes four years, but the candidate is allowed up to six years with extension fee.

Entry requirements

»»A three-year MA (TS) (Advanced), or MDiv, BD, MTh, or the equivalent from a recognized institution, done in residence with at least second class (minimum 55%; B+ average) or equivalent.

»» At least five years of full time ministry experience after BD/MDiv or equivalent.

For more details on entry requirements, as well as for further details about the program, please write to