SAIACS Consultation

The purpose of the SAIACS Consultation (SC) is to stimulate, encourage and provide directions for academic and constructive thinking in South Asia. The Consultation provides a platform for addressing critical, pertinent issues that have arisen in the changing context of India.

Watch out for more news on the next SAIACS Consultation to be held in September 2017.


The burning issue facing India has been the issue of conversion and religious freedom. Not simply the emergence of the BJP government at the Centre or the aggressive Ghar Wapsi campaign, but the very nature of “religious freedom” and “conversion” is called into question and is in need of further discussion.

To address this issue, the fourth SAIACS Consultation had as its theme “Religious Freedom and Conversion in India Today” and was held from 21-23 September 2015 at SAIACS in Bangalore. The consultation, co-sponsored by the Centre for South Asian Research (CSAR), included 16 sessions, where a paper was be presented by a specialist in the relevant field (whether academician or practitioner). This was followed by an open discussion.

ExclusionAndInclusionAs is our tradition, the outcome of the consultation will be a book, consisting of the edited papers and published by SAIACS Press.

The 2012 SAIACS Consultation volume was titled “Exclusion and Inclusion in Changing India.” The book can be purchased via SAIACS Press and Amazon, where the paperback and Kindle ebook edition is also available.

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The SAIACS Consultation was followed by the CSAR Writers’ Workshop.