I have found two things that excite people to partner with SAIACS. First is its ability to
provide opportunities to those with a calling to pursue their studies irrespective of their financial standing and second is the involvement of SAIACS graduates in unique and pioneering ministries away from the beaten track

Malcolm Athishtam , Director of Advancement and Communication, SAIACS

It is a privilege and responsibility to invest in those who become the future leaders of the church.  An investment in the lives of students is a sure way of furthering the church of Jesus in India.

SAIACS is involved in equipping and training people to pioneer new ministries and provide leadership in existing ministries. Here, a student is viewed as a “ministry in the making” By partnering with SAIACS through student support, you have an opportunity to invest in a seed that will bear fruit in the future.   SAIACS is one of the few seminaries where the calling and not the funding is what determines admission.  So we have many competent and deserving students looking for sponsors.   

SAIACS, in its pursuit of excellence in missions and its untiring endeavor to be South Asia’s leading evangelical theological college has helped train many bright theological students in India as opposed to pursuing studies abroad.   It offers courses at a world class facility at one tenth the cost compared to the West and these courses are relevant to the Indian context and issues concerning South Asia. 

You could be an active partner with SAIACS to help them along in their journey of faith !  

You can partner by praying for the ministry of SAIACS, support student scholarships and fees,  sponsor academic progammmes  and share the ministry of SAIACS in your local church through SAIACS Sundays.

Contact the Advancement and Communication  (ADCOM )Department.  ADCOM  endeavors to advance the ministry of SAIACS by raising funds and resources   and building partnerships with churches and individuals. 

Partner with us


Legacy Fund


Student Fee Support



There are various scholarships at SAIACS that assist students from varied backgrounds.  If you are interested in partnering through scholarship support you can choose one of  them.  You can sponsor a scholarship fully or in part.  Payments can be one time or in instalments. 

Christian Leaders Scholarship
This scholarship is given to all students at SAIACS and it contributes about 40% towards the actual cost of training resident Indian students.
(Any amount)
Sahaya Scholarship
This scholarship provides assistance to  deserving students from a poor economic background.

Raja Mohan Doss Scholarship
This scholarship provides assistance to students who are missionaries working in  mission organisations attached to India Mission Association.

Nehemiah Goreh Scholarship
This scholarship provides assistance to students who are faculty from ATA Member Institutions.

North India Scholarship
This scholarship provides  assistance  of up to 80% of the fees for students from North India.  Every year five students are awarded this scholarship.   You can support a student fully or contribute some part of their fees.

The Legacy fund is an endowment fund that provides an opportunity for donors to leave behind a legacy of student support for perpetuity. The exponential impact of this support is immeasurable as it not only honours the memory and passion of a dear one but also touches multiple ministries formed in SAIACS for generations to come. 

 A donor can institute a Legacy Fund in their own name or in the name of a family member or friend if they contribute a minimum of Rs 1,00,000/- in a calendar year.   This can also be paid in instalments.  One can add on to the corpus amount in the subsequent years.  The corpus amount will not be liquidated. Only the interest accrued will be utilised towards support for a scholarship/fees for a deserving student.    If the donor wishes to remain anonymous they can contribute any amount to the General Legacy Fund.

(Rs 1,00,000/-  in a calendar year for specific Legacy Fund or any amount to General Legacy Fund)

AIMM (Alumni Impacting Ministries in the Making) Fund

Contribution to this fund is exclusively received from alumni of SAIACS.  The purpose of  this fund is to extend support to the most deserving of students and  also provide an opportunity for alumni to partner with SAIACS through regular and systematic giving.   An alumnus is encouraged to contribute a sum of Rs 100/- a month or Rs 1000/- a year or any amount regularly every year.  Queries regarding pledge and mode of transfer of  funds  can be sent to

You can support students who are unable to pay their fees due to unforeseen circumstances.  Most of our students are self supporting, so when there is  illness, death or financial crisis in their families or with their supporters they are not able to keep their financial commitment.

SAIACS, as a part of its ministry to reach out to Christian community, ministers in various churches by leading praise and worship, bringing God’s word and sharing  testimonies .  This provides an opportunity for congregations to become aware of the ministry of SAIACS.  It also helps our students to interact with local churches and build relationships.  You can invite the SAIACS team to minister in your church.