Master of Theology (MTh) / Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

MTh and MPhil (Th)

The purpose of the MTh programme is to train the student for teaching in theological institutions and for leadership in various church related ministries. The programme is designed to enable qualified graduates in theology to broaden and deepen their knowledge and sharpen their research skills and competencies beyond BD/MDiv level. This goal is achieved by taking a limited number of courses in their area of specialization, and by doing a thesis at an advanced level in that same area of Specialization. Thus, a student who completes MTh with a first class or high second class will be well prepared to enter a doctoral programme.

The SAIACS MTh programme offers seven specializations accredited by the Asia Theological Association:  Old Testament, New Testament, Missiology, Pastoral Theology and Counselling, Theology and Ethics, History of Christianity (not on offer for 2018-19) and Study of Religions.

SAIACS offers an alternate award option by the Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), where the same programme is called Master of Philosophy in Theology, MPhil (Th). MTh and MPhil (Th) are identical in content.

 Entry Requirements

  • Applicants need to have an MDiv with a minimum B+ grade average (55%) from a college accredited by the Asia Theological Association.
  • Applicants who have a minimum B grade average (50%) from an ATA college and all applicants who have a minimum B+ grade average (55%) from a non-ATA college should write the Qualifying Examinations conducted by SAIACS.  These are conducted at the time of the Entrance Examinations at SAIACS. There will three examinations to take: Bible, Theology and Christian Ministry. The applicants must pass the Qualifying Examination with a B+ grade average in order to write the Entrance Examinations.
  • Applicants with a B- grade average from an ATA college, and applicants with a B grade average from a non-ATA college will be required to take a pre-MTh year in addition to passing the Qualifying Examintation with a B+ grade average. They are required to gain a B+ grade average in the Pre-MTh year in order to qualify for entry into the MTh programme.
  • Two years full-time supervised Christian ministry experience is required, normally after the previous theological qualification.
  • Applicants specializing in Old Testament and New Testament must have done at least two exegetical courses in Hebrew and Greek respectively. For Religions, the applicant must have done the equivalent of two exegetical courses in Urdu/Sanskrit/Arabic. Applicants for these three departments must demonstrate competence in the applicable language in the Entrance Examinations. Applicants lacking these skills may be offered the option of doing Pre-MTh in the relevant field (see section following).

Period of Study

MTh is a two-year full time residential programme. In exceptional circumstances, permission may be granted for an extension up to three years, with extension fee. MTh in the PTC department includes a period of internship. This will entail additional fees and travel costs.


As shown in the table, the programme is worth 74 credits.


MTh/ MPhil (Th)

Required modules

13 modules

Credits (13×4)

52 credits

Spiritual Formation

2 Credits


20 credits

Required credit for graduation

74 credits

 Completion Requirements 

  • Foundational and theoretical courses in the area of specialization will mainly be offered in the first year. The thesis proposal will be made at the end of the first year. Inter-disciplinary and integrated courses, and the thesis, are to be completed in the second year.
  • Entry into the second year is conditional on earning 38 credits, including the successful completion and defense of the thesis proposal with a minimum B- grade average (45%).
  • Students who are not successful in the thesis proposal may graduate with a one-year MCS (Master of Christian Studies) degree. This is a terminal degree.
  • The MTh thesis must be about 35,000 words in length.



The Pre-MTh Programme

The Pre-MTh programme qualifies students for the SAIACS MTh/ MLCU MPhil (Th) programmes by up-skilling prospective students from colleges accredited by the Asia Theological Association and other recognized colleges.

  • It is especially helpful for those seeking admission into departments that require classical language competency.
  • This programme is of one-year duration and runs alongside the MDiv (Year 3). Pre-MTh does not lead to a degree nor can credits be forwarded to the MTh/ MPhil (Th).
  • Applicants applying for Pre-MTh must hold an MDiv degree, with a minimum B- grade average (45%) from a college accredited by the Asia Theological Association.(See Entry Requirements of MTh)
  • Applicants who have a minimum B grade average in their BD or MDiv from a non-ATA/ SSC college can appear for the Qualifying examination conducted by SAIACS. The credits, credit hours and courses of BD/ MDiv applicants from non-ATA/SSC colleges will be reviewed.
  • To enter MTh/MPhil (Th), Pre-MTh students need a second class (minimum B+ grade average; 55%;) or equivalent.