Master Of Arts in Biblical Studies

The MA in Biblical Studies or MA (BS) is a completely online programme. During MA 1 the student systematically studies the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Over MA 2, the student learns exposition of sample biblical books, Christian doctrines, contemporary dangerous doctrines, and application of the Bible to contemporary issues. The programme is meant for anyone whose workplace is in the corporate world, church or in any other profession, calling or industry. The programme is designed to enhance the students’ church involvement, sharpens their preaching and teaching, and increases their confidence in answering questions about the Bible. Thus, the student could be simply any Christian wishing to increase their understanding of the Bible, a pastor or an assistant pastor, a youth leader or a home group bible study coordinator,  a Sunday School teacher.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least an aggregate pass.
  • The bachelor’s degree could be either theological (BTh, BD) or in any secular stream (e.g., BSc, BTech, BCA, BBM)
  • Applications are invited all year round. The first 3 modules are probationary and enable to student to familiarize themselves with the online delivery. After students complete two modules, they may apply to be enrolled into the MA (BS) programme. During the course of the third module, they will be required to take an online Entrance Examination and arrange for a Spiritual Director who will supervise their Context Based Learning (see table below).
  • Non-graduates may complete the modules as part of the Bible For All program. If at a later date they obtain a university or seminary degree, they may apply to receive the MA (BS).


MA (BS) will be an ATA accredited programme.

Course Curriculum

The course comprises of 18 modules, with each module running for 8 weeks.

MA (BS) Part One—offered over two years, equivalent to year 1 of an MA



Module Title

Module 1


Research and Writing Skills;

Interpreting the Bible

Module 2


Old Testament Narratives: Genesis to Esther

Module 3


Prophets: Isaiah to Malachi

Module 4


Poetry: Psalms, Song of Songs, Lamentations

Module 5


Gospels: Matthew to John  

Module 6


Acts and Major Pauline Epistles:

Acts; Corinthians; Romans; Gal; Eph; Phil; Col; Thess

Module 7


Pastoral and General Epistles:

 Timothy; Titus; Hebrew; Peter; John; James; Jude

Module 8


Wisdom: Job; Proverbs; Ecclesiastes  

Module 9


Law and Apocalypse:

Leviticus; Numbers and Deuteronomy

Daniel and Revelation

Spiritual Formation and Context Based Learning


This is taken from module 4 onwards and requires 3 hours per week  of supervised ministry engagement.




MA (BS) Part Two—offered over two years, equivalent to the second year of an MA.

This is under development and is tentatively set to include the following: detailed exposition of 4 sample books (2 OT and 2 NT); Christian doctrines; the Bible and contemporary dangerous doctrines; the Bible and contemporary issues; apologetics.

The following is the breakup of the hours required for completion of a typical MA (BS) module:

Learning Mode

Hours per week in a module

Total Hours per Module (8 weeks, total 4 credits)

Video/ Audio Lessons

30 minutes


Reading Material (650 pages)

5 hours 15 minutes


Online Discussion Forum (300 word replies)

1 hour 45 minutes


Assignments (1000 words per unit of two weeks)

2.5 hours


Spiritual Formation and Context Based Learning

3 hours



10 hours


Period of Study

The MA (BS) takes 4 calendar years to complete. Students who opt to take only MA (BS) Part One, which takes 2 calendar years to complete, may graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Biblical Studies. The period of registration for MA (BS) is 6 years, and for PG Dip (BS) is 4 years.