Fees and Scholarships

Fees required from students from South Asian nations are all significantly subsidised. Each South Asian student is required to pay 75% of the total cost for each student. SAIACS is committed to raise the remaining amount. Select candidates may get further 5-20% scholarship based upon their unique situation. SAIACS relies on donations and student scholarship subscriptions from God’s people to enable fees to be held at the current rates.

Many students or their organisations will be required to pay the above subsidised fee. On the other hand, some South Asian students may need further assistance. If you believe you qualify for this, please apply during the admission process with details of your case, and declare what fees you are able to pay.

Unless otherwise noted, fees include tuition, research supervision, use of the library, use of computer facilities, provision of study material, examination fees, graduation fee, book grant and household maintenance fee. Fees for students in the Residence Halls include room rent and full board. Fees for students in family apartments include apartment rent and weekday lunches and one weekly evening meal.

Normally we expect sending institutions to support their students with both fees and living expenses. If a student applies for a SAIACS scholarship, this will be considered on the basis of need. Such applicants must inform SAIACS of any other scholarships they might receive and these must be routed through SAIACS. Where a student is not receiving a SAIACS scholarship, then there is no need to advise about other scholarships.

Fees for Indian and South Asian students will be made available along with the Admissions Form. Fees for students from Western and non-Western countries (excluding South Asian countries), differ from those for our South Asian students. The fees for the category you are applying for is available upon request from the Academic Office admissions@saiacs.org

For more details, please wait for the official SAIACS Prospectus or contact the Admissions Office.


SAIACS endeavours to assist students financially by providing various scholarships. Applications for scholarship will be considered only after an applicant has been offered a place at SAIACS on academic grounds.

 Christian Leader Scholarships

This is the most common scholarship, that helps subsidize the cost of almost all South Asian students.

 Pandita Ramabai Merit Scholarship

Each year, SAIACS awards up to four academic scholarships for the highest achievers in the SAIACS entrance examinations; two for MA applicants and two for MTh applicants. The Pandita Ramabai Merit Scholarships are given only for the first year study.

 Sahaya Scholarships

Each year, SAIACS awards up to six needs-based scholarships for students who give evidence of needing financial assistance in order to take up an academic place at SAIACS. They must also explain their vision for why they want to study and demonstrate potential to succeed in an MA or MTh programme.

Raja Mohan Doss Scholarships

Missionaries of IMA member mission organisations may apply for a Raja Mohan Doss scholarship. It applies exclusively to students who will rejoin missionary service with the organisation on completion of study at SAIACS.

Nehemiah Goreh Scholarship

 Faculty under appointment with ATA( India) accredited member institutions may apply for a Nehemiah Goreh scholarship.

North India Students' scholarship

 SAIACS is also committed to offer scholarship to a few needy North Indian students every year.