Centre for Leadership (CFL)

Centre for Leadership
According to John Maxwell, ‘Everything rises and falls on Leadership.’ However, history is replete with instances of ‘fall.’ The Centre for Leadership aims to lift the leadership of Christian individuals and organizations, by providing education, and training, preaching, demonstrating and helping individuals and organizations to understand and practice better leadership based on biblical foundations.

Dr Madana Kumar, who is an experienced professional with more than 33 years of experience in various industries at senior level, heads CFL as the Director. (Click here for his full profile)

Thomas Chacko, who is a graduate of SAIACS and with 24 years of ministry experience in different leadership roles is the coordinator of the centre.

Online MA in Leadership
The Master of Arts in Leadership programme will prepare leaders for success in their current or future
roles as leaders in church, para-church, corporate, marketplace, NGOs, non-profit, etc., by providing significant learning environments, processes and practice for the formation of identity, knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavioral patterns required for Christ-centered and Christ-like leadership in an increasingly complex and changing global context.

Leadership Teaching: For in campus modules
CFL facilitates the in campus modules with the expertise of its director Dr. Madana Kumar and other experts from the field.

Faculty Forays
Faculty forays make the services of the highly qualified SAIACS faculty members available to the students and faculty of seminaries/theological institutions in various regions for a limited period of time.

Regional Seminars/Events
Short-term residential non-residential programs on specific topic on leadership conducted in different regions in partnership with other organizations/Institutions.

End-to-end consultancy services to Christian organizations in improving their organizational performance through full-fledged consultancy.

CFL provides research opportunities leading to formal degrees like PhD and DMin. It also promotes publication and discussion of authentic research papers.

Centre for Leadership is directed by Dr Madana Kumar. Click here to read his profile