Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS)

The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) at SAIACS offers top-calibre academic degrees in Islamic Studies
in an evangelical, mission-friendly, South Asian environment. The purpose of the CIS is to awaken the South Asian Christian community to the opportunities to love and serve Muslims with the gospel.

Main CIS pageThis past year, in order to achieve that purpose, the CIS designed and offered its first “hybrid” course on the topic “The Qur’an and the Bible.” The January course combined a week of lectures at SAIACS with two weeks of online learning to accommodate students who could only come to campus for a week. CIS consultant Dr. Gordon Nickel taught for a week on campus as well as through video lectures for the online component.

Also to provide resources outside of the SAIACS circle, the CIS offered a one-day seminar in January after the first week of the hybrid course. “Biblical stories in Qur’anic garb” featured SAIACS Old Testament faculty Dr. Havilah Dharamraj along with two SAIACS biblical studies graduates in presentations on biblical characters who appear in the Qur’an. Dr. Havilah presented on “The binding of Isaac,” Prince Kumar spoke on David, Joe Thomas examined the Qur’anic Jesus, and Dr. Nickel opened the seminar with a study on Moses.

Dr. Havilah's Session in Biblical Stories in Qur'anic garb - SeminarBible & Qur'an Course

Upcoming Courses

In the coming year, the CIS will be offering two new modular courses: “The Emergence of Islam” in October, and “Sources of the Sunna: Sira and Hadith” in January 2017. In both cases CIS is inviting off-campus students to join our regular MTh students for the whole course, or even for a week.

CIS is also anticipating hosting an international conference on Christian-Muslim relations in February 2017. In cooperation with the Christian-Muslim Relations bibliographical history project out of Birmingham, England, the conference will gather scholars from around South Asia who have expertise and interest in this important subject.


Ramadan Call to Pray

On July 2 SAIACS students and many guests from other Bangalore seminaries joined together for a day of prayer for Muslims. CIS training coordinator Arputharaj organized the event, which was held in the SAIACS Chapel. Participants fasted and prayed intensely for the salvation of Muslims around the world. Many pastors and evangelists also joined the students. A fruit salad was served at the end of the prayer time to bring to mind the “Iftar” that Muslims observe at the end of each fasting day.