Bible For All (BFA)

Who is it for?

Would you like to study the Bible systematically from Genesis to Revelation? Then, whether your workplace is the corporate world or the church or in any other profession, calling or industry, then, Bible For All is for you!

What is the programme, exactly?

The programme has 9 courses. Each course is 8 weeks long and fully online.

BFA - Timetable












Is it lots of work?

 In each course, we do the book outlines, the historical and cultural background to these books, the big themes in each book, and the questions that puzzle most of us in these books.

You’ll need about 7-10 hours of study each week in activities like reading, listening to short audio clips, watching brief videos, taking a quiz, and doing a short assignment. There is an online forum every week so be assured there will be plenty of lively interaction with your fellow students.

Do I have to be very clever?

 You’re welcome to be clever! But, what we want is for you to think—not just read and reproduce—so that you discover and own your answers. The learning activities are designed to help you do that.

How will the programme help me?

 We hope that as you work through the books of the Bible and think over the issues each book raises, you’ll be able to understand God better and appreciate him all the more. And, because of that, be able to answer the all-important question: What is this text saying to me, a 21st-century Christian?

What can I do with this programme?

 We hope that you’ll be able to understand and apply to daily life at home and in the workplace more effectively. In your church involvement, you will be more confident about preaching or teaching or answering questions about the Bible—whether you are a pastor or an assistant pastor, a youth leader or a home group bible study coordinator, or a Sunday School teacher or even none of the above.

Do I have to take the whole programme or can I choose courses?

 You may take all nine courses or you can take as many or as few of the courses as you like your interest and convenience.

Is this programme certified?

 You will receive a grade transcript for the courses you take. The courses could add up to a postgraduate diploma (PG Dip in Biblial Studies) awarded by SAIACS—we’re working on this and can tell you more as we get into the programme.

Sounds great. But what will it cost me?

 Each course will cost you Rs.7,000.oo. A transcript of all courses taken will cost an additional Rs.1000.oo.