Academics at SAIACS

Admissions Open for the academic year 2019-20. Click here. 

SAIACS offers doctoral and masters programmes. They are largely residential, with some of the IMG_1515-minstudents opting to be day scholars. Normally, the programmes at SAIACS follow a modular system. Each module runs over four weeks. A typical MTh/MPhil module entails 36 classroom hours of lectures and seminars, with assignments and examination added. Similarly, a typical MDiv/ MA module entails 36-45 classroom hours. MA includes Context-Based Learning in which students are placed in a supervised ministry context so that they experience the practice of classroom learning as well as a Summer Internship.

Departmental Specialisations

There are currently 6 departmental specialisations at SAIACS, with one more (History of Christianity) waiting to be re-offered. Each department offers MDiv, MTh and PhD.

 Old Testament (OT)

Courses: Old Testament Theology, Second Temple Period, Narrative Criticism, Hebrew Exegesis: Psalms, Hebrew Exegesis: Genesis 1-11, Hebrew Exegesis: Amos

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: Dr Havilah Dharamraj, PhD (University of Durham, UK, 2006) 
                                    Dr Steven W Guest, PhD (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA, 2009)
Faculty in training:    Mr Prince Kumar, MTh (SAIACS, Bangalore, 2015)

 New Testament (NT)

 Courses: New Testament Theology, Theology of Romans, Synoptics Methodology, Textual Criticism.

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: Dr Roji T George, DTh (FFRRC , SATHRI, Senate of Serampore, 2012)
                                    Dr Idicheria Ninan, PhD (Coventry University, UK, 1994)
                                    Dr Ernest Clark, PhD, (University of St Andrews, UK, 2018)


Theology (TH)

 Indicative Courses: Doctrinal Theology, Theological Method, Biblical Theology, Pneumatology, Christology, Ecclessiology, Contextual Theology, Theology & Contemporary Ideologies

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: Dr Nigel Ajay Kumar, PhD (SAIACS, 2012)
RZIM Chair of Apologetics: Dr Varughese John, PhD (Madras Christian College, University of Madras, 2006)
Faculty in training: Mr Stavan John, MTh (SAIACS, 2015)

 Missiology (MS)

Indicative Courses: Biblical Theology of Mission, Cultural Anthropology, History of Christian Mission, Diaspora Missiology, Contextualisation, Anthropology of Globalisation

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: 
Dr E D Solomon, PhD (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL, USA, 2008)
                                    Dr Prabhu Singh, PhD (Asbury Theological Seminary, USA, 2008)
                                    Dr Uday Balasundaram, PhD (Asbury Theological Seminary, USA, 2014)
Faculty in training:    Mr John Daniel, PhD Cand. (SAIACS, Bangalore)

 Pastoral Theology & Counselling (PTC)

Indicative Courses: Introduction to Pastoral Theology, Psychology for Counselling, Psychology and Theology, Theology of Worship and Sacraments, Christian Education in the Church, Clinical Pastoral Counselling (at Vellore)

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: Dr Varghese Thomas, PhD (Trinity International University, USA, 2005)
                                    Dr Paul Windsor, DMin (Australian College of Theology, 2012)
Faculty in training:    Mrs Salome N. Simeon, MPhil (Christ University), PhD Cand. (Christ University, Bangalore)
                                    Mr Joshua Kenneth George, MDiv (PTC), MTh Cand. (SAIACS, Bangalore)

 Study of Religions (RE)

Indicative Courses: Methodologies and Approaches in the Study of Religion, Introduction to Hinduism, Introduction to Islam, Study of Hinduism/Islam from selected texts, Primal Religions

Residential Faculty
Head of Department: Dr J Arun Kumar, PhD (University of Leeds, UK, 2007)

 History of Christianity (HoC)

(Not being offered this year)

Residential Faculty
Mr Chongpongmeren, PhD Candidate (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, University of Middlesex, UK)

Each department has several additional Adjunct and Visiting Faculty.