Centre for South Asia Research

  • Overview

    The Centre for South Asia Research (CSAR) is a collaborative work between Theological Book Network, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), and Scholar Leaders International. The programme provides space, full funding, accommodation, and library resource facilities for cohorts of scholars to gather for up to four months to write and interact together on the beautiful SAIACS campus.

    The purpose of the programme is to produce publishable material for dissemination to the church and the academy in South Asia, the broader Majority World, and the West. The Centre is open to scholars from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions including Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant.


  • Past Scholars


    • Dr. Arren Bennett Lawrence, Assistant Secretary, Asia Theological Association (ATA) – India

    Topic: Pneumatic Nomism: Fulfilling the Law through the Spirit

    • Dr. Bendangtemjen, Assistant Professor, Theology and Ethics Department, Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur,

    Topic: Challenges of the Christian unity before the Baptist Churches in North East India

    • Dr. Ezamo Murray, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Theological College, Jorhat

    Topic: Pastoral Care and Counseling in Context: A Tribal Perspective

    • Dr. Varughese John, Professor in Theology and Ethics, SAIACS

    Topic: Tailoring Indian Secularity? Exploring the Condition of secularity in India


    • Rev. Titatoshi, Youth Pastor of Aao Baptist Church, Dimapur

    Topic: Rethinking church ministry with adolescents in the age of consumerism: with special reference to indigenous Naga community

    • Dr. Narola Jamir, Associate Professor in History of Christianity, Eastern Theological college, Jorhat

    Topic: Women and Patriarchy: A Search for Liberative Elements within Patriarchy.

    • Dr. Nongbri, Associate Professor in History of Christianity, John Roberts Theological Seminary, Shillong

    Topic: Christianity and Tribal Society in North East India

    • Dr. Samuel George, Associate Professor in Christian Theology, Allahabad Biblical Seminary, Allahabad

    Topic: Naturalised Christ: Indian Attempts

    • Dr. Bendanglemla, Associate Professor in Christian Theology, Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur

    Topic: Discovering the Image of Jesus Christ in Asia

    • Dr. Jayasree, Associate Professor in New Testament, Ebenezer Theological college, Kerala

    Topic: Mission in the Gospel of Luke: A Post-Colonial Reading

    • Dr. Atula Tsudir Ao, Associate Professor, Old Testament, Allahabad Biblical Seminary, Allahabad

    Topic: The Missionary Motif of God in Giving Space for the Others in Torah (alien, sojourner, widow, slaves): Towards a Theology of Immigration

    • Dr. Paulson Pulikotil, Professor, Biblical Studies Old Testament, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune

    Topic: Beyond Dalit Theology

    • Dr. Varghese Thomas, Professor in Practical Theology and former Principal, Hindustan Bible Institute, Chennai

    Topic: Practical Theology as an Academic Discipline for India


    • Dr. Idicheria Ninan, Professor, New Testament Department, SAIACS

    Topic: A commentary on Paul’s Letter to Ephesians

    • Dr. Jacob Cherian, Professor, New Testament, Centre for Global Leadership (SABC), Bangalore

    Topic: Toward a Commonwealth of Grace: A Pluto critical Reading of Grace and Equality In Second Corinthians 8:1-15

    • Dr. Johnson Thomaskutty, Assistant Professor, New Testament, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune

    Topic: Didymus Judas Thomas: New Testament, Apocrypha, and Historical Traditions

    • Dr. Manoj Korada, Assistant Professor, Old Testament, IPC Kottayam Theological Seminary, Kottayam

    Topic: The spirit of Yahweh is either a bridge or a basis in the faith and transformation of individuals that are empowered by it


    • Dr. Suraja Raman

    Topic: Towards Spiritual Development: Inspiring the reader with a focus on one’s relationship with God

    • Dr. David Joy, Associate Professor, New Testament Department, United Theological College, Bangalore

    Topic: South Asian Perspective to New Testament Theology

  • Contact

    Yesan Sellan
    Coordinator, CSAR
    Email: csar@saiacs.org