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Not-So-With-YOU: A Servant Leadership Imperative for Christendom Enhancement

 Author: Dr Madana Kumar (Author)  Category: Theology  Publisher: SAIACS Press  Published: 2021  ISBN: 978-8195464319  Pages: 224  Country: India  Language: English  Order Now!

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The current context is complex, and we are justified in asking, “What must I do to become a Servant Leader in the current context”? Not-So-With-You is a “How-to” manual on Servant Leadership as Christ envisioned. This book translates the command of Jesus Christ into our current context, into observable and measurable behaviours. It takes you through the Leadership sketch of God, starting with creation, culminating in the ultimate role model of Jesus Christ, and then helps you to understand the contextual ways of following His examples. Several practical tools are offered to help the reader implement the lessons learned from this book.